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Job Purpose: Money Laundering Manager

To manage and lead a team of investigators and specialists to deliver forensic and fraud risk services to Nedbank to mitigate fraud; reputational risk; criminal liability and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Job Responsibilities

  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders through regular engagements.
  • Ensure increased awareness of the impact of fraud and regulatory risks by sharing information, knowledge and collaborating across teams within Group Financial Crime and Forensic Services (GFCF) and other stakeholders.
  • Manage and deliver on stakeholder expectations.
  • Ensure services delivered to requirement.
  • Ensure allocation is prioritised, sufficient resources allocated and clear accountability, direction and guidance provided.
  • Manage investigations by monitoring cases allocated to investigators.
  • Enable successful arrest and/or prosecution by the SAPS by ensuring affidavits submitted to the South African Police Services (SAPS) are accurate, meet the required quality standards and is furnished within the timelines required in the subpoenas. Vet completed investigation reports and affidavits. Manage the "close-out" process of investigations.
  • Act as SME or lead investigator in multi-disciplinary Money Laundering investigations if required.
  • Ensure transformational targets are met. Contribute to a culture of transformation goals by participating in Nedbank culture building initiatives, business strategy and CSI. Address issues raised in culture surveys to improve results.
  • Deliver a worldclass service through client service culture.
  • Achieve operational excellence through management of processes and procedures, manuals, methodologies and typologies and analysis of BI for the department.
  • Add value to the business by generating innovative ideas.
  • Manage performance of team members by implementing performance agreements and ensuring a clear vision. Mentor and coach staff on identified performance gaps.
  • Ensure that Business Unit stays abreast in field of expertise and deliver on the expectations from stakeholders.
  • Motivate team members to perform and contribute to the success of the business by creating an environment of teamwork and participation in decision making processes. Ensure an environment for optimal performance.
  • Maintain a high performing team by identifying talent pool through career conversations and developing talent retention programmes. Embrace the Nedbank vision and values by leading by example.
  • Provide input into GFCF strategy and annual business plans.
  • Ensure proper financing of the function and provide input into the compilation of budget for own cost centre, in line with Finance requirements, based on stakeholder agreements and needs and planned projects and deliverables.
  • Ensure that planned projects and deliverables for the year are achieved within planned budget.
  • Ensure agreed targets are met and that hours are accounted for and billed as per transfer pricing agreement with stakeholders.

Minimum Experience Level

  • 5 - 8 years experience in banking and/or financial institution and/or forensic and/or other investigations
  • Knowledge of exchange control regulations and/or payment operations environment
  • Experience in managing/guiding/co-ordinating project type investigations
  • At least 2 years experience in a money laundering environment essential
  • At least 2 years experience in managing a team.

Crime Analyst

Job Family

Risk, Audit and Compliance

Career Stream


Leadership Pipeline

Manage Self: Technical

Job Purpose

To support Money Laundering investigations through analysis of criminal activities to reduce financial crime infiltration and prevent potential losses in Nedbank.

Job Responsibilities

  • Stay abreast of developments in field of expertise, ensuring personal and professional growth.
  • Share knowledge of trends and identified fraud risks with team and stakeholders so that relevant up skilling takes place and effective handover is done.
  • Obtain buy-in for developing new and/or enhanced processes that will improve the functioning of stakeholders' businesses. Interact with forensic and money laundering investigators and external stakeholders to gain an understanding of their analytical support requests in order to fulfil stakeholder needs.
  • Interact with internal and external stakeholders to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships to ensure close co-operation and exchange of information to mitigate risks.
  • Meet stakeholder’s expectations. Create awareness of criminal and/or unethical trends and modus operandi.
  • Advise stakeholders on how to use analytical information.
  • Manage allocated billable hours and ensure they are accounted for.
  • Contribute to a culture of transformation by participating in Nedbank culture building initiatives, business strategy, and CSI.
  • Understand and embrace the Nedbank vision and values, leading by example. Identify opportunities to influence the enhancement of business processes and methodologies, adding value to Nedbank.
  • Perform intelligence activities in response to early warning alerts of events and trends related to money laundering.
  • Provide analytical support to stakeholders by sourcing information and supplying relevant analytical products to mitigate risks.
  • Evaluate information by assessing the reliability of the source, and the validity and quality of information, to gain informed insights about the analysis.
  • Identify suspects and analyse the activities of individuals, groups and organisations through the application of analytical techniques, in support of organised crime group mapping.
  • Manage money laundering investigation projects by analysing gaps in information, identifying links and building an understanding of the function of a specific crime grouping.
  • Analyse criminals/crime syndicates involved in money laundering targeting Nedbank
  • Provide assistance to external stakeholders by analysing financial crime matters that lead to minimising criminal actions across the industry.
  • Highlight system and/or process deficiencies and gaps to stakeholders to ensure relevant preventative measures are implemented and corrective action taken.
  • Respond to, and action requests for analytical support by providing criminal analysis support to stakeholders to prevent losses and mitigate risks.
  • Investigate criminal events by analysing information and take appropriate action, such as recommending potential solutions, process changes and/or raise awareness of modus

operandi to business, to prevent potential losses, and where relevant, hand over to relevant stakeholders for further action. Capture details of analysed information on case management system to assist with future prevention and/or mitigation of risk.

People Specification

Essential Qualifications - NQF Level

Matric / Grade 12 / National Senior Certificate

Preferred Qualification

Diploma: Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation , Matric / Grade 12 / National Senior Certificate

Essential Certifications

Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners (ICFP) and/or Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), preferred not essential

Preferred Certifications

Type of Exposure

  • Analysing situations or data that requires an in-depth evaluation of multiple factors.
  • Investigation of matters as part of a multi-disciplinary team
  • Developing ways to minimize risks
  • Drafting reports
  • Managing conflict situations
  • Influencing stakeholders to obtain buy-in for concepts and ideas
  • Comparing two or more sets of information
  • Analysing and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data Working with a group to identify alternative solutions to a problem
  • Building and maintaining effective relationships externally and internally
  • Answering customer questions
  • Working in a team
  • Working in a fast-paced environment
  • Communicating complex information
  • Communicating complex information in writing and verbally

Minimum Experience Level

Minimum 5 years experience in a banking environment and/or conducting investigations

JOB PROFILE : Fraud Risk Advisor JOB FAMILY Risk, Audit & Compliance CAREER STREAM Forensics FAIS AFFECTED No


To reduce the impact of fraud by assessing control adequacy and efficacy of the current and future operational environment and recommend mitigants across Nedbank group.


Individual contributor providing professional input and advice to stakeholders across Nedbank group. JOB CONTENT


Provide guidance on fraud trends to stakeholders by assessing fraud risk in systems, policies, processes, products and control environment to improve business results and reduce fraud losses. Deliver project results by agreeing timelines and scope with stakeholders to ensure delivery within parameters. Assist stakeholders in implementing fraud risk management processes by providing guidance and advice on best practices to reduce fraud losses.


Engage with stakeholders formally and informally to collaboratively come up with viable solutions to contain existing and potential fraud losses. Provide fraud risk insight by sharing lessons learnt in different business units to ensure risk mitigation actions are implemented. Act as advisor to stakeholders by providing professional input on fraud risks that may impact the business to ensure client needs are met. Share findings and insight on fraud trends with internal stakeholders (e.g. Fraud Investigators and Fraud Awareness team) formally and informally to collectively recommend appropriate mitigation actions and communicate trends to clients. Liaise with internal stakeholders (e.g. Fraud Investigators) formally to provide information on business initiatives in preparation of future fraud investigations.


Evaluate new and amended processes by gathering and analysing information to identify fraud risk and consult with stakeholders to take corrective action. Provide professional input and advice on appropriate risk mitigation actions by Influencing stakeholders to buy-in to recommendations and solutions to amend policies and procedures that result in reduced fraud impact. Present findings of fraud risk analysis and/or audit to stakeholders through formal interaction to ensure appropriate action is taken to mitigate fraud impact within operational risk appetite. Create leads for internal stakeholders (e.g. Fraud Investigators) by conducting fraud risk assessments and/or deep dive sessions that assist further fraud investigations. Provide input to specification documentation (e.g. detailed requirements specifications for projects) by reviewing requirements or reports to ensure fraud risk is highlighted and source documentation for processes amendments are updated to reduce the impact of fraud. Provide input into the crafting of policies and procedures (e.g. procurement policy) by assessing fraud risk to ensure impact of fraud is minimised. Review and analyse processes by testing the adequacy of controls and/or create evidence in order to provide mitigative solutions and recommendations to reduce the impact of fraud.



Relevant degree e.g. B.Comm, BSc or Diploma in Criminal Justice and Forensic Auditing (IT background essential as role will be focussed on fraud risk assessments related to systems in the Bank)


5 years’ experience in a forensic and/or risk management/advisory role in a banking or financial services environment

The closing date is 22 August and email addresses for CVs:

Header image

The following positions have been advertised on the VKB Webpage:


  • CLOSING DATE : 28 August 2018


Please visit fofurther information


Remuneration: To be negotiated based on experience, skills, qualifications and current salary and position. Total Cost to Company (CTC) remuneration package may include: Basic Salary, Medical Aid Contribution (if applicable), Pension Fund Allowance (if applicable), Cell Phone and 3G allowance (from investigator level upwards), a travel allowance (from investigator level upwards) as well as all statutory deductions. (All remuneration discussions and negotiations will be based on the current remuneration package of the applicant).

Valid Driver’s License and own transport: All applicants to have a valid driver’s license and own transport.

Ideal starting date:

Immediately for those successful applicants that want to apply for a junior/trainee investigator position, and who has a relevant degree or diploma in forensic accounting/investigations but who are not currently employed.

01 October 2018 for successful applicants that need to serve a 30 days’ notice period.

Latest 01 November 2018 for those applicants that need to serve a 60 days’ notice period (15 October 2018 will be preferred).

Background: Comperio Consulting previously known as Comperio Forensics is a dynamic private company with its Head Office situated in Weltevredenpark (Roodepoort) close to Johannesburg in the Gauteng province. Although Comperio is currently expanding its national and international footprint, the advertised positions are available at its Head Office. Comperio is proud to be a level 1 BBBEE contributor for the past three (3) years. Established in April 2008 we have successfully conducted forensic audits and special investigations for more than 10 years. Comperio is a leading forensic service provider in the industry and we have identified the need to appoint an additional 12 staff members on a permanent basis at the following levels:

Vacancies and number of positions available with minimum experience and qualification requirements per level:

Junior/Trainee Forensic Investigator (4 positions): Relevant tertiary qualification

Forensic Investigator (4 positions): 4 years’ experience and a relevant tertiary qualification

Senior Forensic Investigator (4 positions): 6 years’ experience and a relevant tertiary qualification

Added advantage: Accreditation with the following professional bodies with the following designations will provide an added advantage; Forensics Practitioner FP(SA) [ICFP] or CFE [ACFE] or studying towards such.

Applications: Candidates who believe they meet the minimum requirements can submit their CV’s directly to Bernhard Prenzler at The closing date for submissions is Friday, 10 August 2018 at 16:00. Candidates who make the shortlist will be contacted before 17 August 2018 to arrange for interviews. If you are not contacted, your application was unsuccessful.


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