Year: 2017

1January, 2017February
Feb 09 Botswana Region Event
Feb 23 Pretoria Reg Event
Feb 27 Building a Fraud Practice
Feb 28 Building a Fraud Practice
Mar 02 Central Region Event
Mar 06 Fraud Risk Management
Mar 07 Fraud Risk Management
Mar 09 KZN Region Event
Mar 09 Eastern Cape Region Event
Mar 13 Imbizo
Mar 15 Lesotho Region Event
Mar 15 Zimbabwe Reg Event
Mar 17 Limpopo Region Event
Mar 28 Namibia Region Event
Mar 28 Cape Town Region Event
Mar 29 Malawi Region Event
Mar 30 Johannesburg Region Event
Apr 03 Interviewing Skills
Apr 04 Interviewing Skills
Apr 06 Zambia Regional Event
May 11 Gauteng Golf day
May 15 Forensic Report Writing
May 16 Forensic Report Writing
May 18 Botswana Region Event
May 25 Central Region Event
May 25 Pretoria Region Event
May 29 Tracing of Hidden Assets
May 30 Tracing of Hidden Assets
Jun 01 Data Analytics
Jun 02 Data Analytics
Jun 08 KZN Region Event
Jun 08 Eastern Cape Region Event
Jun 13 ACFE International Conference
Jun 22 Lesotho Region Event
Jun 22 Cape Town Region Event
Jun 23 Limpopo Region Event
Jun 26 Forensic Question Document
Jun 27 Forensic Question Document
Jun 29 Johannesburg Region Event
Jul 03 Intro To Digital Forensics
Jul 04 Intro To Digital Forensics
Jul 13 KZN Golf Day 2017
Jul 19 Namibia Region Event
Jul 20 Botswana Region Event
Jul 26 Malawi Region Event
Jul 26 Zambia Region Event
Jul 26 Zimbabwe Region Event
Jul 27 Financial Statement Fraud Schemes
Jul 28 Financial Statement Fraud Schemes
Aug 03 Central Region Event
Aug 03 Pretoria Region Event
Aug 14 Internal Investigations
Aug 15 Internal Investigations
Aug 17 KZN Region Event
Aug 17 Eastern Cape Region Event
Aug 24 Lesotho Region Event
Aug 25 Limpopo Region Event
Aug 28 Cyber Crime
Aug 29 Cyber Crime
Aug 31 Cape Town Region Event
Sep 18 ACFE Africa Conference 2017
Oct 12 Cape Town Golf Day
Oct 16 Anti Money Laundering Skills
Oct 17 Anti Money Laundering Skills
Oct 18 Namibia Region Event
Oct 23 Forensic Report Writing
Oct 24 Forensic Report Writing
Oct 26 Malawi Region Event
Oct 26 Zambia Region Event
Oct 26 Zimbabwe Region Event
Nov 02 Botswana Region Event
Nov 09 KZN Year End
Nov 13 ACFE SA Fraud Week Bloemfontein
Nov 14 ACFE SA Fraud Week - Pretoria
Nov 15 ACFE SA Fraud Week - KZN
Nov 16 ACFE SA Fraud Week & Year End CPT
Nov 17 ACFE SA Fraud Week - Africa
Nov 22 Lesotho Region Event
Nov 23 Central Region Event
Nov 23 Eastern Cape Region Event
Nov 30 Gauteng Year End
Dec 04 Professional Interviewing Skills
Dec 08 Limpopo Region Event

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