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About the ACFE Forums

The ACFE SA Chapter resolved to create industry forums to discuss fraud issues pertaining to their specific needs.

 Forums objectives:

  • Finding ways of interacting with the system to improve it;
  • Enhancing the legislation;
  • The sharing and exchanging war stories;
  • The success stories of how we prosecuted fraudsters;
  • Setting of academic standards where there is a need to do so;
  • Develop methodologies for the different fields of expertise where the need arise.
 ACFE SA Forums:


Cyber Forum

To give guidance in the industry in terms of standards and procedures. To create a platform where practical co-operation between the roll players and the distribution of information. Furthermore, to have a representative body for the digital forensic community


For more information please contact Jason Jordaan at

2017 Steerco

Chair: Jason Jordaan

Wouter van Heerden

Pieter Brink

Peter Fryer



Forensic Industry Standard Forum

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) is an international, professional organization dedicated to fighting fraud and white-collar crime, with offices in North America, Europe and Japan and chapters around the globe, including one in South Africa.

A Forensic Industry Standard Forum was established in the ACFE SA Chapter. The aim and purpose of the ACFE Forensic Industry Standard Forum is to represent and caters for all Industries, Science and non-Science Industries and disciplines and to bring the different forums and the forum leaders together. International standards and guidelines will be used as model to facilitate and promote the establishment of standards and guidelines for self-regulation of the South African environment.


For more information please contact Krappie Engelbrecht at

2017 Steerco

Servaas du Plessis - EOH Forensic Services 

 Krappie Engelbrecht – New Order Industries (Chairman) 

 David Taylor – Legal Edge 

• De Wet Ferreira – DNS Forensics and ACFE SA Director Training

 • Pieter Harmzen – SAICB 

– PH • Jannie Bester – PEO 

 • Piet Hills – EOH Forensic Services 

• Jaco de Jager – ACFE SA 

• Wessie van der Westhuizen – Mutual and Federal 

• Johann Dippenaar – Nexfor 

• Francois Fullard – SAPS 

• Leon Towsen – EOH Forensic Services 

 • Wilna Badenhorst – FRCIS  

• Juanida Horne – Unisa  

• Sarel Snyman – Global 

• Peter Fryer – Risk Diversion 

• Deirdre Roberts - 

Bogale Molefe 

• Andaleen Krieg 

• Kenny Robberts 

• Jan Potgieter 

• Bruce Du Toit 

• Dirk Swanepoel 

• Sietze Albertse 

• Leonie Horn 

• Jason Jordaan


The ACFE Healthcare Forum work towards setting of academic standards for the Health Profession investigators and/or auditors and assist to develop training courses aimed at investigating healthcare fraud and abuse as well as forensic audits within the healthcare industry. It aims to ensure that the professional standards set interlinks to that of the ACFE Code of Ethics and Professional Standards and provide opportunities for individuals in the Health Care Industry to network, share experiences and discuss matters of concern. Last but not least to increase awareness of healthcare fraud and abuse in SA and will assist in identification and development of new opportunities to participate in combatting healthcare fraud in South Africa.

For more information please contact Lynette Swanepoel at

ACFE SA Healthcare newsletter 2016

ACFE SA Healthcare newsletter - March 2017

ACFE SA Healthcare Article - May 2017

ACFE SA Healthcare Article - August 2017

2017 Steerco

Chair: Lynette Swanepoel

Samuel Maphalane

Andaleen Kriel

Raynard Nel

Josette Sheira

Sunelda van Rooyen


2017 Steerco

Melvin Yogolingam – Chair person

Servaas du Plessis – Co-Chair

Retail – Japie van Niekerk

SACRA – Darryl Beghin

Legal –  Gerrit Bouwer (Norton Rose)

Government –  Zanele Mxunyelwa (Treasury)

RAF – Shannon Molotsi

Bankserve – Caroline Belrose

SABRIC – Melvin Yogolingam

Cellphone service providers – Jacob Kutumela

Insurance – Peter Kerford

Short term Insurance (21 companies) – Pieter Harmse 

Medical – Lynette Swanepoel

FIC and AFU – Pieter Alberts and JP Willemse

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