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Accounting Control: Best Practices, 2nd Edition
Anatomy of a Fraud Investigation: From Detection to Prosecution
Anti-Fraud Risk and Control Workbook
Bank Fraud: Using Technology to Combat Losses
Bribery and Corruption Casebook: The View from Under the Table
Bribery and Corruption: Navigation the Global Risks
Building a World-Class Compliance Program: Best Practices & Strategies for Success
Computer Fraud Casebook: The Bytes that Bite
Corporate Fraud and Internal Control: A Framework for Prevention
Corporate Fraud Handbook: Prevention and Detection, 5th Edition
Cyber Forensics
Cyber Fraud: Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
Depositions: The Comprehensive Guide for Expert Witnesses
Detecting Fraud in Organizations: Techniques, Tools and Resources
Encyclopedia of Fraud, 3rd Edition
Enterprise Risk Management Best Practices: From Assessment to Ongoing Compliance
Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge
Financial Statement Fraud Casebook: Baking the Ledgers an Cooking the Books
Financial Statement Fraud: Prevention and Detection
Financial Statement Fraud: Strategies for Detection and Investigation
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation for Non-Experts
Fraud 101: Techniques and Strategies for Understanding Fraud
Fraud and Fraud Detection: A Date Analytics Approach
Healtcare Fraud: Auditing & Detection Guide
Healthcare Fraud Investigation Guidebook
How to Be a Successfull Expert Witness
International Fraud Handbook
Interviewing and Interrogation, 2nd Edition
Introduction to Risk
Investigating Internet Crimes: An Introduction to Solving Crimes in Cyberspace
Investigations in the Workplace
Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigators, 3rd Edition
Preventing and Detecting Employee Theft and Embezzlement: A Practical Guide
Small Business Fraud Prevention Manual
Spam Nation
Strategic Career Engagement: The Definitive Guide for Getting Hired and Promoted
The Anti-Corruption Handbook: How to Protect Your Business in the Global Marketplace
The Audit Committee Handbook, 5th Edition
The Essential HR Handbook
The Safe Hiring Audit
The Safe Hiring Manual
The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust
Whistleblowers: Incentives, Disincentive, and Protection Strategies
Windows Forensics: The Field Guide for Conducting Corporate Computer Investigations